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A cooperative process by which parties work together with a neutral mediator to reach agreements on such issues as parenting, separation, divorce, child visitation, child custody, financial support, property settlement, eldercare and other family issues.

Custody Evaluations

The primary focus of the custody evaluation is to provide objective information and informed opinions to help the court render a custody decision based upon what is in the best interest of the child.  Evaluations and observations are schedule with parents guardians, child and any other pertinent parties identified by the court and/or family.

Child / Parent Visitation Supervision

The primary purpose of Child / Parent Visitation Supervision is to maintain the parent-child relationship and other family attachments and to reduce the sense of abandonment which children experience at placement.  Supervised visitation is often utilized when there is a question of safety and parental compliance to treatment plan.


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Outreach activities will be conducted through Community Innovations. The organization was initially formed as a resource agency for community residents.
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